Live in Harmony with Nature

Rejuvenating Spiritual Retreats for Your Soul

Nature is considered the highest healer in many spiritual traditions, including the Vedic one. The health benefits of regular time in nature are vast and deep. So much so that Ayurveda's prescription for stress management is living in harmony with nature.

Join Ananta for inspiring nature immersions to gift your soul:

  • Daily and seasonal lifestyle practices to live in harmony with nature

  • Efficient, effective stress management techniques you can confidently take home

  • Delicious recipes for home remedies, Ayurvedic superfoods, skin and hair health

  • Yoga practices from the Himalayas to awaken the healing spirit of nature within you

  • Profound spiritual reflection exercises to help you replace negative belief systems

  • Ancient spiritual practices to evoke your soul power by embodying deep wisdom 

About Your Teacher





Ananta Ripa Ajmera serves as Director of Ayurveda at THE WELL, a modern wellness club that brings together world-class doctors and master healers for a more balanced you in New York City. She is author of the bestselling and award-winning book "The Ayurveda Way: 108 Practices from the World’s Oldest Healing System for Better Sleep, Less Stress, Optimal Digestion, and More" (Storey Publishing, 2017). Ayurveda and Yoga helped her overcome years of eating disorders, insomnia, stress, and poor digestion. Ananta has taught Ayurveda and Yoga staff trainings at Stanford School of Medicine’s Health Improvement Program, California Department of Public Health, across California Probation Departments, IBM, ABC News, 1440 Multiversity and the Social Innovation Summit of Fortune 500 executives, government leaders, and top social entrepreneurs. Her book has been featured on Fox News, Reader's Digest, The Cut - New York Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post. She’s spoken at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, UC Berkeley, Columbia Business School, and Silicon Valley's Health Technology Forum at Stanford University. Ananta graduated from NYU Stern Business School, where she received an honors degree in marketing and was a Reynolds Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship.

What People Are Saying

“The love and attention to every detail in every sessions is very clear to see. Thank you very much. I have learned a lot of new information and am enjoying it.” 

- Adam, Palo Alto, CA

"I wasn’t being empowered and was just surrendering to the teachers and doing whatever they said in other retreat programs, which didn’t feel very good. I felt really empowered by what I learned in this program and how you taught us." 

- Theresa, Alameda, CA

“The first day I came, I was rushing. There was a lot of traffic, so I felt a little bit of anxiety. When I got here, just listening to your voice was so soothing that it really calmed me down. I really liked that. That was the first thing. I’ve been trying the warm water in the morning and I must say that it does help with elimination. Within 15 minutes, I feel like I have to go use the restroom, so I’ve been doing that every day and it’s really working for me.

I’m one of those who have to eat every two or three hours and I’ve noticed that I make my lunch the biggest meal of my day now. And I’m not really hungry that much for dinner anymore, so I’m pretty much done. I eat a small meal for dinner and that’s it. Most of my food is eaten earlier in the day and then I eat something smaller and I feel satisfied. I’m not going to bed with a full stomach, feeling bloated and uncomfortable and unable to sleep. I think that’s really helped.

I love the oiling. I even tried it with my children. The sesame oil with coconut oil. Now they like it just for a massage, but they’re like this aches and pains. I use it and they love it and I had my husband try it and he said that it actually does work to help calm your body down, especially if you had a rough day at work. I really find that to be really effective.

And not eating leftovers. I was a big queen of eating leftovers, like give me that and I’ll eat it for 2-3 days and I don’t really do that anymore. I think that’s really helped my stomach. I suffer from a lot of inflammation due to food allergies and since I cut down on that, it’s really, really helped.

- Olga, San Francisco, CA

“What I’ve been trying is waking up early in the morning. That’s really helpful because it helps me balance throughout the day. I don’t feel as stressed or rushed as I used to. It gives me more time to cook breakfast for my daughter and spend more time with her, so that’s helpful. The oiling I was doing after and now I do it before my shower. I can see the difference in my skin and the relaxation aspect of it. I think being in touch with your body and massaging it is really helpful.


I like yoga, so I do some of the yoga practices before I go to sleep. Sometimes, when I wake up earlier, I do my yoga routine in the morning before I start my day, so that’s very relaxing and helpful.


The sitting after eating - I’ve tried that and it’s helpful for elimination. I do the warm water and the warm food. I don’t eat leftovers. I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot. I have a curious mind and once you started explaining, I understood the process, so that was helpful. Thank you.”

- Guadalupe, Oakland, CA

“I’ve got a lot to do and there’s a lot of detail. That gets me wound up sometimes. I put into practice the buzzing bee a number of times. It was really helpful to bring a sense of calm and focus into that with this. Our office is downtown in Jack London Square, but I went outside one time there, where we we have a locked area where I felt safe closing my eyes and taking in some sunshine. While I was doing the buzzing bee, I thought about, ‘okay, clear your mind, think about what you have to do, one task at a time.’ It was like the world stood still for a little bit.

I’ve been practicing the mantra about the hands. It has been a very good start to the day, to think, okay, I got a lot to do, but all it takes is one thought, and that one thought can lead to these great things. Turn those thoughts into action and you can reap a destiny. I really enjoyed that. Thank you for going above and beyond. The samples your brought us are appreciated. Love the alternative ideas regarding diet, medicine, and meditation.” 

- Craig, Alameda, CA

“The most valuable things I learned in the class were oiling as a practice, eating to benefit digestion, waking up early, and having an empowering morning routine.”

- Annette, Pleasanton, CA

“I think the ability of the instructors to adjust the program really makes this a 10. I really like the way you adjust the program based on the feedback from students. The most valuable things I learned were the buzzing bee and the ability to have more peace and balance in my life. Thank you for an excellent experience. Your patience, smiles, and positive glows are contagious."

- Fred, San Francisco, CA

“The experience of slowing down and calming myself when eating feels important to digestion. I seem to be in a hurry  a lot, to get to the dinner table, and that continues till bedtime. Another thing I really enjoyed was thinking about where the food comes from and how many hands before the food gets to me was awesome to think about. I want that to be my dinner conversation with my children. It would be great for them to think about that and be more grateful.” 

- Maria, Mountain View, CA

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