A Journey to Live Fully featuring Taza Ayurveda

March 18, 2020


Are you living fully?  If I had stopped to ask myself that three years ago, the answer would have been no.  But that’s the thing, when caught in the blizzard of modern life, rarely do we stop to reflect and ask ourselves these meaningful questions.  Sure, my days were full – I was doing a lot - but that didn’t equate to a feeling of fullness. I wasn’t healthy but neither was I diagnosed of a life threatening disease.


I lived with the belief that sacrifices to health and happiness are all part of the journey to success.  But it wasn’t until one day, when the signals from my body – the insomnia, the skin issues, the dearth of motivation – became so great that I could no longer ignore them that I was forced to acknowledge the truth. I wasn’t living well. I needed to make a change.  


I had lost in touch with my roots and my core values that made me happy and healthy. I decided a short trip home to India would give me the perspective I needed to figure out what would come next - not knowing the decision would change my life forever. Upon returning home I reconnected to life as I once knew it both culturally and spiritually. I was re-immersed with a way of life more in tune with nature or, you could say, the “Ayurvedic way.” 


I woke up early in the morning and went to bed early, a simple step to follow the circadian rhythm. I took some time to oil myself daily, an Ayurvedic ritual called abhyanga, with herbal concoctions. Apart from the skin benefits, I noticed that daily oiling left me more connected with myself, more grounded and so much more nourished. My skin was such a great channel to nourish and not just protect my body, but my mind as well. On conversations with Ayurvedic doctors, I realized oiling was used to treat so many internal diseases from arthritis to neurological disorders. The herbs used in the oils were prepared to heal your body from within. In a few weeks, my mind fog had cleared; I had better sleep and a lot more energy and motivation. I needed to share Ayurveda with the world. 


Shortly after my return from India, I connected with my dear friend Amy who was experiencing her own health challenges. Upon sharing the tremendous benefits Ayurveda had on my own life, she was encouraged to learn more and not long after, found herself in India undergoing Ayurvedic treatment.  Soon, having also experienced the profound healing effects of the ancient science, Amy joined me on the journey to start Taza Ayurveda.  


Our mission with Taza is to help individuals live fully by cultivating lasting vitality, joy, and beauty with the world’s oldest wellness system: Ayurveda. In an increasingly demanding world, we believe the ancient science of Ayurveda is needed now more than ever. Modern woes are more than skin deep. We wanted to educate the world on the power of your skin in healing your mind and body.


Have you ever thought of the nutrients you’re delivering your body through your skin? We need holistic solutions that feed your mind and body. 


Given our deep respect for Ayurveda, we have taken great strides to adhere to classical teachings.  We’re proud to be the first brand on the market to bring the medical-grade rigor known in India to our products. In partnership with India’s leading Ayurvedic institutions, we’ve developed our introductory Nourish Regimen, a collection of all-natural oils and supplements made with indigenous herbs, wild-harvested in India. Our formulations have been prescribed and used by Ayurvedic physicians for over a millenia. 


Please checkout our website and follow us on Instagram to learn more. Use code TAZAAA to receive a 15% discount of all products. 


About Divya Vishwanathan

Divya grew up in India immersed in an Ayurvedic lifestyle. She used powdered herbs as shampoo and sipped turmeric lattes before they were trendy, not fully realizing their curative properties until 17 years after she moved to the United States. In pursuit of her American dream, she had fallen out of step with nature (and her true nature), but her roots came to her rescue, providing a holistic solution to an imbalanced life and planting the seed for her next endeavor. With Taza, Divya and Amy, who met while studying at Columbia Business School, set out to bring this ancient science in an authentic form, relevant for today.


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