Spiritual Counseling

A journey of Self-discovery:
Profound freedom for Body, Mind, Soul

Do you ever feel that everything in your life looks pretty great by all the outer worldly standards of what 'success' should look like - but still feel like something is missing deep down inside? That you've checked all the boxes that are supposed to lead to happiness and fulfillment, yet there is still a void of emptiness inside? Or perhaps you've searched everywhere for lasting solutions to health challenges, but every solution, while effective to an extent, is not giving you the real relief you're seeking?

I felt this way once, too.

Informed greatly by my own personal wellbeing journey, my practice of spiritual counseling for body, mind and soul is strongly rooted in the spiritual science of Ayurveda, integrated with its spiritual sister sciences of Yoga and Vedanta (a spiritual system of philosophy on the nature of the soul). All three of these sciences have their origins in the Vedas, India's oldest, most sacred body of spiritual wisdom. 

I came to these sciences because I wanted to experience greater freedom at all levels. At one point in time, my body and mind felt like a prison I was trapped inside, suffering from eating disorders I could never find full relief for, no matter how many modern methods I tried.

Finding Personal Freedom 

  • Ayurveda unlocked the key to freedom for me at the physical level - freeing me from years of anorexia nervosa, along with digestive difficulties, insomnia, anxiety and so much more

  • Yoga brought me freedom at the subtle level of my mind and its persistent, circuitous limiting, self-defeating thoughts and emotional patterns

  • Vedanta gave me knowledge to change my deeply-rooted karmic patterns to transform my most difficult relationships by developing a relationship with my own higher Self, identifying myself first and foremost as Soul, and everything else second

In the Vedas, there is a concept of 3 bodies (gross, subtle and causal) that require healing with different, yet integrated medicines. I bring my knowledge of all 3 sciences into my practice to help you heal at all levels.

Ayurveda Heals the Physical Body


Ayurveda digs deep to assess the root causes of our physical health challenges.


In Ayurveda, the 3 root causes of distress are:

1) Crimes we commit against our own wisdom 

2) Misuse of the senses 

3) Our daily and seasonal food and lifestyle choices

The key to health in Ayurveda = BALANCE.

How Ayurveda Heals You


A Beautiful Spiritual Daily and Seasonal Lifestyle

Ayurveda offers us an incredible, time-tested circadian lifestyle that helps us deeply align ourselves with nature's eternal rhythms.

Superfoods that Detoxify, Purify and Balance the Body

Delicious, seasonal superfoods and recipes to enjoy them offer us purification and balance that clear the mind as much as they balance physical ailments. 

Healing Garden Herbs and Kitchen Spices 

Ayurveda inspires us to grow our own health with home garden remedies and to cook our way to wellbeing with kitchen spices that heal, cleanse and nourish us.

Balancing the Three Pillars of Health: Vata, Pitta, Kapha Doshas

The three bioforces of the body, made of the five great elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) are examined carefully and brought into a state of balance.

Addressing the Three Subpillars of Health: Food, Sleep, Sex

There are different recommendations pertaining to each of these three vital aspects of wellbeing that allow us to access radiant health year round.

Yoga Heals the Mind


While we often think of Yoga as a physical practice, the real purpose of this ancient science is to heal the mind by removing its myriad distractions.


With Yoga, we examine three qualities of the mind:


1) Inertia (Tamas)

2) Agitation (Rajas)

3) Balance (Sattva)

The keys to health in Yoga = Practice (Abhyasa) + Detachment (Vairagya).

How Yoga Heals You


Bringing About Greater Sattva

Sa​ttva is the true state of the mind, synonymous with purity, clarity and abiding inner peace. Yoga practices boost our inherent sattva by reducing rajas and tamas layers.

Poses that Connect Us With the Spirit of Nature

Return to the roots of the ancient Yoga practice by learning to really embody the spirit of the lion, tree, cobra, and so many other beautiful teachers in nature.

Breathing Exercises that Boost Our Vitality 

Our ​breath, mind and prana (vital force) are intimately connected. Learn to breathe deeply as a way to calm and still the mind and experience vibrant, radiant health.

Mantras that Bring Our Mind Into a Powerful State of Focus & Clarity

The ​Yoga Sutras of Rishi Patanjali share how we must replace disturbing thoughts by thinking of the opposite. Mantras help feed the mind positive new content.

Meditation Practices that Help Us Tune Into Our Highest Nature

In meditation, we are able to calm the waves of the mind to experience the stillness, peace and ease that are our true essence.

What You Can Expect in Working With Me


Our first session together will begin with an examination of your physical and emotional pathology to dig into the deepest root causes for your suffering. A customized course of therapeutic action will then be recommended for you that integrates Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta for the most profound healing possible.


In the Vedas, we find the origins of the famous expression:

"Sow a thought, reap an action;

Sow an action, reap a habit;

Sow a habit, reap a character;

Sow a character, reap a destiny."

The thoughts we think, the actions we take, the habits we make, the character we develop and the destiny we manifest all depend upon the seeds of our desires.


Once your soul decides "Yes, I wish for health and freedom," they shall, in time, with practice and consistency, be yours. 

Vedanta Frees the Soul


Vedanta unlocks the doorway to inner freedom by ridding us of false identifications with our changing body & mind. 

When our divinely embedded desires for health, abundance and spirituality go awry, we have 3 addictions:

1) To the physical body

2) To the world

3) To spiritual knowledge

The key to health in Vedanta = manifesting balanced, pure, universal desires, especially the desire to know who we really are, as Soul, first and foremost.

How Vedanta Heals You

Achieving 4 Universal Human Goals of Life in a Balanced Way

The ​spiritual science of Vedanta helps us achieve the goals of pleasure, wealth, purpose and spiritual freedom in a balanced and harmonious manner.

Meditation Practices to Go Beyond the Body and Mind

There are ​many beautiful meditations we can practice to go beyond identification with the body and to approach the world from fullness (rather than for fulfillment).

Ancient Yogic Spiritual Practices to Remember Who You Really Are

Since even spiritual knowledge can be an​ addiction when approached at the surface (information) level, we have inspired ancient practices to help us tap into the deepest knowledge, which is the experiential remembrance of ourselves as Soul.

What People Are Saying

Hannah, Graphic Designer, Cape Cod, MA

"Ananta is a light in my life. I feel like an empty vessel, getting filled up during each session with nourishing things for my body, mind, and soul. I think about everything I am learning at least 60% of the day and am so excited and grateful to receive Ananta's Ayurvedic knowledge." 

- Hannah, Graphic Designer, Cape Cod, MA

Dr. Smita, Physician, New York, NY

"When I did the meditation with Vajrasana, I felt like I didn’t need anything else in that moment. I feel so satisfied when I eat this way. It really changes my relationship with my food, to make it nourishing life force. When I eat consciously, I feel I am satisfying my heart and my belly. I feel grounded and that my food gives me more strength when I do this.” 

- Dr. Smita, Physician, New York, NY

Shawn, Health Coach, Oakland, CA

"After a few months of working with Ananta and developing a daily routine of Ayurvedic self-care, I’ve seen amazing shifts in my physiology and psychology. I feel more centered and confident, my digestion has strengthened, and my voice (which was chronically hoarse or strained) has become clear and toned. I have found my voice (in more ways than one!) and better health through Ananta’s vast knowledge and guidance of the ancient science of Ayurveda.”

- Shawn, Health Coach, Oakland, CA

Melissa, Attorney, New York, NY

"I am pregnant with my first child and Ananta is providing Ayurvedic support. For nearly my entire life I have struggled with constipation and other elimination problems. Since I knew that forcing a bowel movement during pregnancy was particularly bad for the pregnant body I was extremely motivated to follow her digestion suggestions to improve elimination- and they worked like a charm! Her suggestions for lunch and dinnertime included eating vegetables cooked in ghee in mild spices and to follow my evening meal with a digestion meditation. Almost immediately after following this advice my elimination improved to the best state it's ever been. I feel fabulous, my skin is glowing, and I look forward to Ananta's continued wisdom throughout my pregnancy and as I transition into the role of mother!"​

- Melissa, Attorney, New York, NY

Roopa, Childcare Specialist, Pleasanton, CA

“It’s now been three months since I've been on my Ayurveda treatment. My blood glucose levels jumped from a crazy 230 to 121 in 6 weeks. I am now at a comfortable 114 and being applauded by my western physician (whose care I have continued to be under, along with taking my diabetes meds) If my blood glucose levels continue dropping, my doctor indicated I may go back to my previous less intensive medication, which is my goal. I believe it may even be possible to be completely medicine-free, provided I remain dedicated to my Ayurveda treatments.”​

- Roopa, Childcare Specialist, Pleasanton, CA

Jill, Human Resources Manager, San Francisco, CA

"In visiting many specialists, my knee pain was diagnosed as ‘Baker’s cyst,’ after bakers who stood on their feet all day. Though a specialist could diagnose my problem, none of the specialists I saw could help me with a specific solution to my problem. And although I haven’t had any issues w/ other parts of my body, I can feel a difference in this entire bag o’ bones! It relieves the pain! My knees feel so much better. It makes me feel young again (among the other Ayurvedic processes)! God Bless You.”

- Jill, Human Resources Manager, San Francisco, CA

Isabelle, Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

“Quickly after my daughter was born, I started putting myself last. I started doing Ayurveda practices to invest in myself and make myself a priority. I began sitting down when I ate and really enjoying what was in front of me. Today, I practice living like I’m worth it. Because I am.”

- Isabelle, Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

Clint, IT Manager, San Jose, CA

“When I practice Sun Salutations with the deeper understanding of its mantra and meaning, I feel I’m joining my heart, mind, and body to feel the vibration of the mantra and can connect to its meaning through my consciousness.”

- Clint, IT Manager, San Jose, CA 

Kathleen, Retired Accountant, Madison, WI

“Practicing yoga like this feels like a whole different experience that brings the physical and spiritual part of yoga together in a way that I truly cherish.”

- Kathleen, Retired Accountant, Madison, WI

Chad, Real Estate Agent, Mountain View, CA

“At the beginning, my mind isn’t completely focused. By the end of 108 rounds of a mantra, I’ll be in a space where I’m engulfed in the mantra and the meaning behind it, and I am ready to contemplate within my spiritual space.”

- Chad, Real Estate Agent, Mountain View, CA

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